Meeting with MIMOS management and MIMOS semantic Web Group

Wednesday, 28. I am meeting Mimos Management at their Headquarter in the Kuala Lumpur Science Park. <a class="zem_slink" href="https://www.mimos.my" title="MIMOS" rel="homepage">MIMOS</a> is an incredible place, great personalities from top management to the researchers, I met researchers not only from <a class="zem_slink" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysia" title="Malaysia" rel="wikipedia">Malaysia</a>, but also from Germany (partnership with DFKI) and Iran. I was told that years ago, MIMOS was changed dramatically to get rid of hierarchies and red tape.

Johannes Keizer engaged as visiting Professor at the Chinese Academy of Science

I got today my letter of engagement for two years as visting professor at the Institute of Intelligent Machines of the Chinese Academy of Science (IIM, CAS). Professor Rujing Wang, Deputy Director of the Institute is very keen to intensify the contacts with our team at FAO in Rome.

Johannes Keizer at his presentation for staff of IIM, CAS

Meeting with Dr. Meng and his team

In the afternoon of Tuesday 20 I had the appointment at CAAS to talk with Dr. Meng about the future of our collaboration with Agrovoc and the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus. Dr. Meng introduced his new team and especially Dr. Zhang Xuefu, the new technical contact for AGROVOC and the CAT.
I presented the new development around AGROVOC, the transformation to a Concept Server and the AGROVOC conceptserver workbench.


Second visit on October 20 was to Yee Yan, (https://www.yeeyan.com), a start up founded by 3 Tsinghua students some years ago. This is not about research and automatic translation. This is about motivated people who want to bring foreign content to China, by creating a network of translators. One of the founders was motivated to start, because his father died of a rare disease by the lack of important information in Chinese language, but which was available in the USA.

National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition (NLPR)

Tuesday morning, October 20. I am guest of the Research Group of Speech and Language Technology At NLPR, CAS (Chinese Academy of Science). They are working on automatic translation, name-entity extractions, speech to speech translation. Prof. Chengqing Zong, one of the group leaders in the lab, gave us an introduction to the work of the and 2 demos of systems. NLPR by itself is amazing. More than 200 researchers in 5 research groups.

Asian Mirror for www.fao.org necessary

This morning, at the Harbin Institute of Technology I gave embarassed up, when trying to get www.fao.org on the screen. It was tooooo slow, much slower than other sides. I have read that 10s is the maximum time that people wait for a website. If this is true at Harbin Institute of Technology www.fao.org will not be used! To get a more objective impression I made a pinging of some websites sending 3 datablocks to www.google.com, www.johanneskeizer.com and www.fao.org.


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