American Values

Government change is culture change....

A Taxonomy of Scientific Appointments least in the United states of America.  In continental Europe, and especially in Italy, we are used to changing governments, without a lot of changing politics. This is partly related to the fact that government changes only chance a small tip of the political burocracy.  In Italy the same Director Generals in the ministries server und Prodi, Berlusconi....... so nothing changes.

Mr. Obama, please send American troops to Congo!

No, no, I don't mean that literally. I am very much aware that the USA are not in a position to take up any other military action, not morally, not politically, not economically. I only hope that the new American president realizes that this world needs the intervention of the most powerful nation of the free world. No one intervened against the Rwandan genocide, Darfur is a shame for humanity!


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