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64 and 8

I wrote about my plans at the beginning of this year.  One of this plans was to have a big summer party at the Buon Respiro. And this did happen! Many family and friends came on June 22. Next year it should be still bigger. Reserve the last Saturday in June to come to Umbria.

The problem is not globalization! A new distribution campaign in the industrialized world is necessary..

There are new reasons for a traditional leftist approach to social politics!  Reasons to defend globalization and capitalism!   If globalizations leads to the impoverishment of the lower middle classes and to the outrageous enrichment of the upper 10%, the consequence will be that the rage of the impoverished will  not go against the rich, but against the developing countries which are taking their place in the world economy. So the "struggle of class" becomes new sense in the developed world.

Turkey into the EU? Ratzinger got it right now.....

I disagree mostly with Benedetto XVI.  But I agree with his position regarding Turkey and the EU. Turkey must become a member. I appreciate his position particularly looking back to the speech he gave some tome ago in Regensburg regarding Islam. It was most inappropriate for the pope of the catholic church to say these harsh words about another religion, but nevertheless they were not wrong, and nevertheless Turkey must join the EU!

See the excellent comment from Federico Punzi at

Demand the nearly impossible

But when politicians look only one or two weeks ahead, we, the citizens, should compel them to look one or two years ahead. When they raise their sights to one or two years, we should insist on ten or twenty. We should not demand the impossible of them; just the nearly impossible. Demand it of them and of ourselves. For we are the thousand million, that never have spoken yet.

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