Gutcharan Das: India Unbound

THis is an emblematic book, written by an Indian, US educated, but with his career completely in India. It is a plea for capitalism and democracy

The Economist has been trying, with some frustration, to paint stripes on India since 1991. it doesn't realize that India will never be a tiger. I s an elephant that gas bedun tolumber and move ahead. It will never have speed, but it will always have stamina. A Buddhist text says, "The elephant is the wises of all animals/the only one who remembers his former lives and he remains motionless for long periods of time mediating thereon." The inversion between capitalism and democracy suggests that India might have a more stable, peaceful, and negotiated transitions into the future than, say, China. It will also avoid some of the harmful side effects of an unprepared capitalist society, such as Russia. Although slower, India is more likely to preserve its way of life and its civilization of diversity, tolerance, and spirituality against the onslaught of the global culture. If it does, then it is perhaps a wise elephant

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