A new award and a new publication!

Today  I got two pleasant communications:

One of the most important articles from my work in Agricultural Information management was finally published: https://content.iospress.com/articles/semantic-web/sw200370. The main author is my friend Armando Stellato from Tor Vergata University.  The article is about the "Vocbench", a tool that my team initiated in 2006 to have an uptodate Vocabulary editor. It was a product of the EU "NEON" project. Armando's team took later the responsibility of the further development of the software to a professional product. It is surely  at the moment one of the top products in the area of Ontology/Vocabulary editing. Quite a pleasant feeling to see that some of my professional ideas have a longer life than my professional position.

The other communication was equally pleasant!  I was awarded the "WSET Level 3 AWARD in wines (www.wsetglobal.com). I made the course last year and took my exam in December in Montefalco. Now I got the letter from London that I passed the theoretical part of the exam "with Merit"  and the tasting part "with Distinction". 

It is never too late to learn something new, especially in so enjoyable areas as wine an food.