What can be done?

Forscher zu Gentechnik: "Es gibt keine neuen Erkenntnisse, die ein Verbot rechtfertigen" - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wissenschaft

.... to clarify, that genetic modification of plant and animal is one of the key technologies to survive in a world with 9 billion human beings under decent conditions.  The linked article in the German Magazine Spiegel describes the destruction of test fields of a University (which were in full compliance with all German laws) by opponents of Genetechnology.

Craig Venter

BBC - Press Office - Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007: Dr J Craig Venter

Craig Venter might be a "maverick scientist" and I do not agree with the attempts to patent biological organisms.   Nevertheless I agree very much with the positions he takes in the Dimbleby Lecture, blaming the western societies for having lost their enthusiasm for science and for not understanding that science will be the key lever to tackle the problems of the world

Freeman J. Dyson

I just finished reading the book "The Sun, the Genome and the Internet", a passionate plea of an astrophysicist in his 80s that only science can bring freedom and prosperity to humankind:

An interesting point is that he tells that the alliance between science and craft industry was that what made the former so developing in the 20th century. His hypothesis is that only a strong development in solar energy combined with genetic technology and the extension of the internet to all individuum will be able to resolve the problems of a world with 6 billion people.

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