China's rise

Long life to comrade Xi Jinping

I know I will be attacked for this post. Also friends of mine will say: this is apologetic towards China. And yes, its, because most China critics do not get or do not want 
to get the point.  Especially western media normally completely miss what is essential about China:
  • China is a peaceful country without civil wars (and even very little involved in external wars, except UN Peace keeping missions)

Global Recession?

The following Citation is from China Daily of today: "The State Council has approved 2 trillion yuan ($292 billion) for the construction of a series of railway projects, to help boost economic growth amid the worldwide financial crisis. Increasing investment in fixed assets has remained a catalyst of China's economic development. By 2010, the total length of China's railway will reach 90,000 km, according to the Ministry of Railways. A number of major railway projects will be started soon, - the country's leading economic news portal - quoted Wang Yongping, spokesman for the Ministry of Railways, as saying on Friday. About 1.2 trillion yuan has already been allocated, he said. Zheng Xinli, a senior government policy advisor, said: "In 1997, we dealt with the Asian financial crisis by stimulating domestic economic growth by investing in the construction of highways. This time the money will go on improving the rail network." The National Development and Reform Commission is developing plans to improve the country's railway systems, he said. (China Daily October 25, 2008)"

Sometimes superstition creates great culture, really only sometimes? And what is culture?

I am just back from visiting the "terracotta soldiers" at the tomb of Qin Shi Huan, the first emperor and representative of the Quin dynasty. As generally known he was buried with more than 7000 Terracotta soldiers to be mighty also in the afterlife. He was also buried with 100 s of acrobats, chefs and all the other people that were necessary to assure the used lifestyle of the emperor. I am not knowledgeable enough for being sure if at the end really only the terracotta duplicates have been buried or also the living people who had that function.

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