Long life to comrade Xi Jinping

I know I will be attacked for this post. Also friends of mine will say: this is apologetic towards China. And yes, its, because most China critics do not get or do not want 
to get the point.  Especially western media normally completely miss what is essential about China:
  • China is a peaceful country without civil wars (and even very little involved in external wars, except UN Peace keeping missions)

Impressions from Guangzhou

Hot, hot, hot

I never felt so hot. It is nearly 40 C with high umidity and it does not cool down in the night and the air condition in my (government owned) hotel has only two modes: Backoven=off and fridge=on, but tomorrow I will change hotel, thanks to lily.



Kochi in February 2007

Important Resources Hotels in Fort Cochin The Koder House, old Jews Patrician house, finely restored directly in front of the fishing nets (150 - 300) 0091 4842218485/6/7/8/9 Hotel Arches Hotel simpler but with nice rooftop restaurant that serves also beer (hidden) 00914842215050 Old Harbour Hotel One of the Hotels I liked most, also directly in Fron of the Fishing Nets.

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