My year 2023

What seemed important to me in 2023?


 LLMs - Large Language Models.  LLM based GPTs have become so powerful that they are doing better for many routine tasks than human brains. Who is not using a Bot to accomplish some  work? I am developing two GPTs. One is “Parkinson’s Pal”, one is the “creative chef” - and both are not public.  The “creative Chef” is quite good. I have a lot to feed him. Then I throw 3 ingredients on it and normally it comes out with an interesting Recipe. The “parkinsons” bot has more issues. How do I feed it  to  really comprehensive knowledge?  The bots have issues with reasoning and creativity,  the Bots have an inbuilt fear of reasoning, because it could be wrong, or against our interest.

My tendency is to agree with people who see the danger not so much in the AI, as in the monopolization of the AI by a few human players. I am looking with interest to the research of getting Blockchain technology together with AI for a reliable path to decentralization.


It will revolutionize our lives, the combination of gene editing and AGI will be disruptive for medicine in a way we have never seen.  The  technology is great.  The problems are all social.


Other big news:

  •   GLP-1 is a breakthrough in the treatment of obesity and it seems to also have neuroprotective action. AGI should reveal more about the complex connections in our metabolism

  • There was quite some rumor about a breakthrough in fusion technology (laser ignition). The hype here is always substantial .But there is too much “fumo” around” for not having some”arrosto” in the oven. AGI might lead here to unexpected success. Realizing fusion technology gives the technical basis to  solve all our environmental issues.


I am definitely not more  with the political left.  If “left”  means preaching Monday to the Ukrainian People to make peace with the Russian aggressor and running Tuesday through the streets with a Kufiya chanting “ palestine free from the sea to the river”, what means asking for the genocide of the jewish people, what is explicitely the Hamas program.


 I have nothing in common with  this people.  I despise the Israelian government and I think Netanyahu will end up rightly in prison, but I will not give any space to any antisemitisms and  to questioning the existence of Israel.

Cheers to the German Vice chancellor and his landmark speech


Robert Habeck zu Israel und Antisemitismus


Progress and Apocalypse, always present together. If we only could concentrate on the common increase of knowledge instead of fighting for turf and stupid ideologies.


Nixy and I married in April 2023 and we are super happy together.  Now it is more than 8 years ago that we met at a bottle of Sagrantino.  


We are both not very positive towards marriage as an institution. But if a German and a Chinese want to share their lives in Italy, it is useful :-) We might organize the party in 2024.


Other things chanced. I thought the country house “Buonrespiro”


 would be my home for the next decades. But in the end it couldn't work out. Negotiations about the common use of the house with my Expartner and my daughter led to nothing. The Buonrespiro was to become an unsustainable and inconvenient burden  So I decided to go and to settle again in town. We stay in Umbria and go to the capital. Nixy and I  bought a rundown ground floor with a garden in the historic city center. We will change this now into “Villa dal Pozzo”, the place where we live and work 

Our other flat in Perugia will   become a guesthouse “GraziosaBednBottle” where we will combine hospitality with wine tastings.

We have organized quite some tasting events in 2023. We are getting a name for this and slowly, slowly we are earning also some money, pocket money. We are writing about Food Restaurants, Wuhan and Umbria in our blog


A bigger project Is DionisosNFT


which Nixy will  launch soon. Winetrading using NFTs!     We are not the only ones with this idea, but our business model is special. We don’t ask the wineries to invest, but we give them a chance to earn money. We have already an agreement with two wineries to produce NFTs on their behalf


I   am continuing to work with LoreStar on the promotion of the VocBench. It is incredible what Armando and his team have created. Let us see how much a role semantics and formal knowledge definition will play in the further AI development.


As beautiful the relations with my daughter were in 2022 as difficult they have become in 2023. I failed to communicate appropriately about my marriage with Nixy, she digs out her childhood grievances.  I can only hope to be  pardoned  for not being perfect. But children need to discouple their fate from their parents' faults, otherwise they will never get  their own lives into their own hands.  I am proud of my daughter. She is a beautiful person.


Regarding my Parkinson disease I finally decided to stop putting my head into the sand. I am now intensively studying the literature and try to train my Bot. I have the hope that we arrive early enough at AGI to get substantial treatment improvements. Until then I am going on with Pramipexol and try to increase the daily time of sport.  Except for problems with   the computer mouse, I am fine. I changed my doctor and I am now a patient of Prof. Lucilla Parnetti at the University clinic of Perugia, I immediately liked her, when I found out that there is a disciplinary inquiry /action against  her, because she kept staff working late and on weekends. Such a fun: who goes to a good research group should know there is no 5 ⁄ 8 living!


I am writing this piece with my ass in the hot springs of Bagni San Filippo. The numerous hot springs are another strong argument for having once residency in Italy.


I am greeting all my personal friends, all my social media friends and whoever will read this. I wish all a wonderful 2024..



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