Study of Biochemistry

From autumn 1983 to January 1989 I studied Biochemistry at 3 Universities in Hannover (Technische Hochschule, Tieraerztliche Hochschule, Medizinische Hochschule). After 2 years I passed my "Vordiplom" (kind of BSc) in Physics, Anorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Zoology and Botany. (Certificate).

In January 89 I passed the Diplom (equivalent to MSc) in the subjects Biochemistry, Biophysics and Zoology. (Certificate)

Manager of the "marketing group" of the "Wendland Cooperative"

I acted as Manager of the marketing group of the "Wendland Cooperative", a cooperative of farmers with the aim of directly marketing agricultural products to consumers. (A variety of agricultural products, produced with methods which excluded use of toxic or persistent pesticides and some types of mineral fertilizers). It confirmed my opinion that the difference in food is not between "conventional" and "biological", but between "high quality" and low quality".

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