Human Rights

Tyranny of the majority

"Democratic decisions can be wrong, unjust and impractical, violate the country’s constitution and even violate basic human rights. They can even relate to issues for which the democratic system is quite simply inadequate".

This is a citation from the article in openDemocracy which discusses the Swiss plebiscit againt the construction of minarets in switzerland.


One corner stone of the Chinese foreing policy is the principle of Non-Interference into the internal affairs of another country. If another government slaughter a minority, violates human rights, oppresses women, all this should not matter for the relationships between countries. Only the United Nations, if in unison should have the right to intervene. As getting an unison decision from the UN is difficult today and will become nearly impossible tomorrow, the cementation of national inviolability will become very strong.

Assault against "Habeas Corpus" by the Berlusconi Government

The Berlusconi government has launched an assault against fundamental rights of individual freedom. They are going to decide a law in the senate and then in the "camera dei deputati" with the working title "testo unificato sul testamento biologico". A "testamento biologico" is a last will, anyone can write down defining what he or she wants in case of incidents or terminal illness when not beeing more able to decide.

Viva Alvaro Uribe! Ingrid Betancourt for President!

Ingrid Betancourt has been freed by the Columbian military ( The liberation action took place without blood shed, purely by intelligence. The idiotic and idioscyncratic left wing drug dealers of the FARC were defeated by the application of human intelligence. Ingrid Betancourt is free! Could Uribe extend this intelligence to stop making war on drugs and starts making war on poverty_


""Dichiaro di rifiutare qualsiasi legge che non rispetti i diritti
dell'individuo e la libertà personale": per questa dichiarazione,
nonché per aver espresso altre opinioni "pericolose" in merito alla
tolleranza religiosa e all'uguaglianza tra i sessi, in Egitto lo
studente ventiduenne Abdul Karim Suleiman, ossia Karim Amir, è stato
condannato a quattro anni di carcere con l'accusa di avere insultato
il presidente egiziano e la religione islamica.
Il ricorso in appello ha confermato la sentenza e l'accusa ha

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