Law on "living will" in Germany

The German Parliament yesterday has decided a law about the "living will", "testamento biologico" in Italian. An "advanced directive" (living will) is now completely binding for doctor, hospitals and relatives. Background in German at. The initator of the law, the socialdemocrat law expert Stuenker said "Jeder Patient hat das Recht, seiner Krankheit den natürlichen Verlauf zu lassen", this means it is the right of a patient to let an illness go it's natural course, With the new law not only life prolonging medication but also total parenteral nutrition will be outruled if the living will of the patient did ask for this. If the patient himself is not conscious anymore the living will will have to be read and interpreted commonly by relatives and doctors. If they agree about the meaning it will be done as decreed by the patient, if not a court will decide. The law passed the Parliament with 317 against 233 votes. A vast majority of representatives from SPD, Greens, Liberals (FDP) and Die Linke supported the law. The votes against were mostly from Christian Democrats. All parties had given "freedom to vote" to their deputies.

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