The apartment

 I am selling  my seafront apartment in Borneo, Malaysia, state of Sabah.  The apartment is 30 km in the North of Kota Kinabaulu. It is part of the Nexus Hotel Complex and was administered by the Hotel. 


  The Hotel is a 5 star resort complext with associated Golf course.

   The Hotel consortium has created a  Residence about 1km in the North of the Hotel, directly at the beach. The residence complex is called  "precinct Dillenia" 

 The position of the apartment is indicated with the Signpost.

 The apartment is on the outer edge of the  Dillenia complex.  After Block E of the SPA suites, there is only the Wilderness of Karambunai Peninsula. The picture is a screenshot from Google Maps  - Satteliteview.  

This part of the Residences is about 1 km away from the main Resort. You arrive there by a leasurely walk at the beach or by a shuttle service which is organized by the Hotel.




 The beach in front of the Residences, the way to walk to the main hotel.

Sattelite View  on Precinct Dillenia:

In the back of the complex is  the Karambunai Lagoon, which connects to South China See at the tip of Karambunai Peninsula from where you have stunning views of the Ocean and th Inland Waters.


Precinct Dillenia - Block E

Beside is the plan of Block E from Precinct Dillenia.

  The appartment is number  E.4.2. This means second row and 4th floor  of Block E.  

There are   3 staircases and  2 elevators and you will never find any crowd  reaching your apartment.  Everything is laid out for privacy.

The front faces the South China Seaa. The backside faces the mountains. When leaving the apartment in the morning, very often you can see Mount Kota Kinabalu, South East Asias highest Mountain



Floorplan of the appartment

The entire appartment has a size of 927 sqft, approximately 85 sqm.  

In reality the bedroom and bathrooms are not on the left, but on the right side (wrong in the floorplan, but correct in the Block E-Key Plan). So the balcony is open also to the left,  which results  in a double panorama, straight on the Ocean and at the left to the  forest and the promontorio.

The views from  bedroom, living room and the balcony are stunning (see pictures below)

The apartment is extremly spacious and built with fine materials. (see pictures below). The two luxurious bathrooms - one with a Jacuzzi - are nearly overdimensioned

TV sets with Videoplayers are in the bed room and in the living room. Internet connectivity is available through ADSL in the living room and in the bedroom.  The outlets are non in convenient places, but with a cheap small router a wireless network can be set up for the apartment in 5 minutes.

The apartment is large with nearly 90 sqm, but it  is ideal for a couple as there is only one bedroom.  In the living room is a sleeping couch, that caters also for 2 more guests.  So,  as a holiday apartment it is suitable for 4 guests.


The pictures below give an impression of the building and the inside of the appartment .


Precinct Dillennia, apartment E-4.2,


The apartment is on the 4th floor, 

the second balcony on the right

Kitchen and living area
Kitchen with sink and  cooking ares
View from Balcony to Ocean


shower in the master bathroom

The eating place
Master bathroom
Jacuzzi in master bathroom

View from the balcony to the


second bathroom
living room








Karambunai PeninsulaNexus Resort and Residences is located at the Karambunai Peninsula. The Karambunai  Peninsula is about 25 km in the North of Kota Kinabalu between the   South Chinese Ocean and the Karambunai Lagoon.  The entire area is property of the  Karambunai Berhad,  which developed the Hotel and Residence Komplex. Most is still untouched nature,  around the residences and the Hotel complex is carefully landscaped garden.






 The coastline at Karambunai Peninsula


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