The problem is not globalization! A new distribution campaign in the industrialized world is necessary..

There are new reasons for a traditional leftist approach to social politics!  Reasons to defend globalization and capitalism!   If globalizations leads to the impoverishment of the lower middle classes and to the outrageous enrichment of the upper 10%, the consequence will be that the rage of the impoverished will  not go against the rich, but against the developing countries which are taking their place in the world economy. So the "struggle of class" becomes new sense in the developed world.

One of my proposals would be to abolish income tax to a limit of 50.000 € and then start progressively taxation of Incomes.  Also the negative view on minimum wages has to be re- assessed. The losers of globalization must not be the working classes of the West!!!!

see the excellent article in the economist

Well, it is obvious that the market liberals from the economist would not follow the above proposal. I also agree that "The aim is to help people to move jobs as comparative advantage shifts rapidly from one activity to the next", but there is also no economy without moral. And raising CEO pays with falling worker pays is immoral!

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