India's specificity in economic Development

I am at the moment at the inaugural session of the 5th Asian conferencen on Information Technology in Agriculture. I am listening to the speech of the Chief Secretary of the Government of Karnataka, who started his words with a hinduist prayer.

From his speech:
Agricultural growth deteriorated in India from 3.7 % to less than 3 % in the 90th. There is a mismatch between GDP growth and wealth distribution.
Union Government has recognized this and wants to focus more on Agricultural diversification..
Diversification means emphasizing horticulture, poultry and lifestock and better market connection

Karnataka wants to double Agriculture Production in the next 10 years.

We are in the Knowledge age, success in software and internet shows Indias great potential, we invented the 0! Information Technology can drive India.

He states the need of free economic development and that India is behind China.
He showed figure how the opening of markets created wealth in all countries which did this since the 70s.

But: India embraced democracy first, then capitalism, he stated that democracy is not only a system but a way of living. Goovernment and corporate offices are places of public trust! They cannot become simply places of public power.

India will never be a tiger,he said, it is an elephant. Slow like an elephant,but mighty and wise like and elephant. The inversion of democracy and capitalism might be the reason for Indias stability also in difficult situations.

He continued: Knowledge alone makes not live, wisdom is necessary, insisting on intangible values, tolerance, strong character.

Eviva L'India

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