Health vouchers, yes! Value added tax, yes!

Hard-Charging Doctor Emanuel Adds Perspective to Obama Health Care Team -

President Obama has taken an advicer (Ezekiel J. Emanuel) to his health reform team with unorthodox opinion on how to organize  and finance the health system. Instead of obliging employers to insure their employees and then paying for the unemployed by the state, he proposes a voucher system, in wihich everyone gets health vouchers, paid by a specific value added tax (btw: he proposes a heavz vat on junk food  :-).  This is all in contrast with the traditional socialdemocratic health reform program of the Obama administration.
Dr. Emanuel possesses no car, no TV and no house, but 4 cellphones.
Zeke, 51, earned a Ph.D. in political philosophy while getting an M.D. at Harvard Medical School.
Dr. Emanuel recently got a black belt in tae kwon do, along with his youngest daughter.

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