Asian Mirror for necessary

This morning, at the Harbin Institute of Technology I gave embarassed up, when trying to get on the screen. It was tooooo slow, much slower than other sides. I have read that 10s is the maximum time that people wait for a website. If this is true at Harbin Institute of Technology will not be used! To get a more objective impression I made a pinging of some websites sending 3 datablocks to, and Google risponded with a medium of 43 mseconds, siteground ( with a medium of 224 ms, did NOT rispond to the ping request, because it was above the threshold where the systems stops to send data packages. Already 224 ms is not splendid, but this is the result for a commercial hosting farm, The website of the Food and Agriculture organization of the UN needs to do better. Could a hosting on a Server grid in Asia be a solution?