Second visit on October 20 was to Yee Yan, (, a start up founded by 3 Tsinghua students some years ago. This is not about research and automatic translation. This is about motivated people who want to bring foreign content to China, by creating a network of translators. One of the founders was motivated to start, because his father died of a rare disease by the lack of important information in Chinese language, but which was available in the USA. They started first with medical content, but now they are also managing the Chinese version of the Guardian and the Telegraph.

the Yee Yan management team

They have a network of translators that are conected through Web 2 tools. Partly they are paid, partly they work because they are interested in a specific job. The business model of yee yan works from both directions. People who want some foreign content are ordering translations, but also foreign content owners (like the Guardian) are giving work to Yee Yan.

I would like to give the AIMS website to them with a contract that they just translate everything what they find new at the websit.


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