Working Lunch with Director Wang

Today I finished my visit to Hefei with a working lunch with Director Wang, Prof Qian, Dr. Wang Zhong and other colleagues from the future lab of the Chinese Agricultural Ontology Service. first row from left: Director Wang, Dr. Keizer, Prof. Qian second row from left: Dr. Wang Zhong, Guangzhou and co-worker of IIM, Hefei We agreed a future tight cooperation between our team in Rome and the lab in Hefei. We discussed the possibilities of Staff exchange, an AOS workshop at Hefei, common publications and data exchange. A formal briefing note will be prepared by Prof Qian and further on acknowledged by Director Wang and ourselves. This collaboration is particularly important taken into consideration the role that CAS,Hefei plays in preparing the data warehouse for the Ministry of Agriculture. The lunch was clearly memorable. Even the "Bai Jiu" that often only burns my throat, this time was smooth and full of flavors. Attached the image of a fish prepared in specific Anhui way.

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