Meeting with MIMOS management and MIMOS semantic Web Group

Wednesday, 28. I am meeting Mimos Management at their Headquarter in the Kuala Lumpur Science Park. <a class="zem_slink" href="" title="MIMOS" rel="homepage">MIMOS</a> is an incredible place, great personalities from top management to the researchers, I met researchers not only from <a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Malaysia" rel="wikipedia">Malaysia</a>, but also from Germany (partnership with DFKI) and Iran. I was told that years ago, MIMOS was changed dramatically to get rid of hierarchies and red tape. Now they are about 1000, working as a technical organ of the Ministry of technology to push Malaysia ahead in all new technologies.
In the morning I met Dato Abdul Wahab Abdullah, the President and CEO, Dickson Lukose, the Head of Semantic Technologies and the entire Management team.
They gave a presentation on MIMOS activities. I presented FAO and our team in FAO.

<img src="files/100_0503_01.jpg">

During my presentation of FAO I was frequently interrupted with questions which showed their great interest in what in FAO and what we are doing.

The MIMOS people concentrated in their presentations to those activities that relate to "enforcing the rural communities" as they call it. Their experience is. that Technology development only through the private sector does not reach the the rural areas, because investment there is not profitable enough for the private sector.

During the am-meeting MIMOS management concentrated on presentations about there work;
- to create cheap and easy to use sensors with link to grid, sensors which can measure temperature, moisture, NPK and other parameters and send them in realtime to a knowledge grid for elaboration
- to create different levels of rural connectivity, hardware that makes it easy to bring the internet into rural areas
- appliances for an easy use of the Internet (JenII terminals)
- and their semantic knowledge grid.

All of this has importance for FAO far beyond the interests of our team on knowledge standards and services. MIMOS is providing excellency services and tools not only for bridging the rural <a class="zem_slink" href="" title="Digital divide" rel="wikipedia">digital divide</a>, but for really making ICT usefule for rural people.
I remember a wonderful video about the setup of wirless networks in rural areas.

In the afternoon, we went to see in depth presentation from the semantic technology group; I remember as the most important:

- Intelligence Management. This system uses data mining from Blogs, for different purposes, (name identity extractions/use of open calais), expression of opinions, creation of new relation ships. This should be appliable with some incredible results on AGRIS.
- A semantic platform for elearning. I presented the IMARK modules and we discussed that we would deliver to MIMOS some of them to load them on the semantic backbone.
We agreed that we would ge a summary of all available tools.

We specified our interest to host/mirror the AGROVOC conceptserver on the MIMOS grid and talk with them further about the re-engineering of the backbone using Allegro Graph.

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