Presentation at the Chinese Agricultural Ontology Workshop

Today I had my presentation at the Chinese Agricultural Ontology Workshop. The workshop started yesterday, but I did not participate as the workshop language was Chinese :-). This was calculated and I was lucky enough to have the entire day to finally compose my presentations

There were more than 30 participants at the workshop, partly from the Academies of Agricutltural Science, partly from Universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
The participants were mostly young researchers. Communication in English is still a problem, but I was assured that they had no problem with the speed and the diction of my "German English". In the one hour discussion afterwards topics came up
- how to involve them in the maintenance of the concept server
- how to connect the different Web2 silos
- how to treat the language problems between different thesauri
Interesting and very helpful. Within this group there will be the Chinese management group of the AGROVOC concept server.

My presentation in PDF format is attached.