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Workshop on European Information Space

On October 29 and 30 the Workshop on the European Information Space was hosted in FAO and co-organized by my team. The workshop brought together projects from two different directorates of the DG Information Society and Media. It was organized by the DILIGENT (Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology). Donatella Castelli from the CNR in Pisa, the DILIGENT coordinator succeeded in bringing together numerous projects funded by the EU in the area of Digital libraries and in the area of Research Infrastructure-

Speech of Mr. Horst Forster

It is taking a new approach. Focussed on building the European Digital Library. Preservation at the moment relatively small part, but it needs to grow because very many research questions to cope with in the area of digital content.

Technology enhancend learning. Different approach than elearning upto now. Elaerning was about remote access to learning. That is not a research topic anymore. NO WE should look how technology will support those who are teaching.

FP7 in Motion: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics, Digital Libraries and Content.

Luxembourg, 2007-01-23

I am participating in the Information days of the Directorate e of the IST area of the European Commission. The Director Harald Forster, and the 2 Unit heads, Pat Manson (Digital Libraries and Technology enhanced Learning) and Roberto Cencioni (Intelligent Content and Semantics) have organized this meeting to inform about the possibilities and constraints to present projects to be funded within FP7. There are more than 300 participants from throughout Europe.
We have been invited to present a project within the "proposals clinic".

Knowledge and Information Management

This is an email I sent today to some of my colleagues. It is here out of context but could be of interest nevertheless.

Greetings from Bangalore airport, which is a quite uncomfortable place as there are no airline lounges and the crowds are filling up a small waiting area. Unfortunately all outbound flights from here to the "West" depart after 1 am......


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