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Hans Christian Stroebele and the German Flag

Hans Christian Stroebele is the directly elected representative of the Berlin constituency (Kreuzberg), where I live. He is part of the fundamentalist left wing of the Greens. Most probably I would not vote for him, as I do share very little with his lot. I am in favor of German involvement in UN peace keeping, I am in favor of free market and globalization, I am in favor of keeping German nuclear power plants online as long as this is technically wise, ... and there are many other differences in opinion.

Sometimes superstition creates great culture, really only sometimes? And what is culture?

I am just back from visiting the "terracotta soldiers" at the tomb of Qin Shi Huan, the first emperor and representative of the Quin dynasty. As generally known he was buried with more than 7000 Terracotta soldiers to be mighty also in the afterlife. He was also buried with 100 s of acrobats, chefs and all the other people that were necessary to assure the used lifestyle of the emperor. I am not knowledgeable enough for being sure if at the end really only the terracotta duplicates have been buried or also the living people who had that function.

Virgins? What Virgins?

Virgins? What virgins? | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

This Guardian article from Ibn Warraq is already from 2002, but I came over it only now. It is hilarious in pointing out the absurdity of religious martyrdom. But it is also very enlightened in how far religious scripture is only the product of certain socio-economic circumstances and not revealed by anything supranatural.

Amnesty decides to support women who fight for right of abortion after rape. The catholic church blackmails to withdraw support

BBC NEWS | Americas | Amnesty ends abortion neutrality

Please consider to become member of amnesty international to back its courageous decisions to defend women's liberty rights.
No surprise that the catholic church is blackmailing now amnesty and announce to withdraw support!

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