2 singularities

At the beginning of october I participated at the Big Data Conference, organized by "bigstep" in London - in the context of the world wide Bg Data Week. I was there to learn if AI could be useful in the context of the goals of Sci4D (https://www.sci4d.org).


The first keynote by Daniel Hulme was outstanding (("AI is not that machine will be as intelligent as humans, but machines will be able to resolve problems that humans are not able to resolve"  "we are going towards 2 singularities, an economical one (machineAI will substitute human work) and a technological singularity (machines will become more intelligent than humans" ) "The only  strategy is extreme decentralization of power and activities")) He is CEO of a company with no hierarchy, in which salaries - CEO included _  are discussed and set by collective discussion.


World Views: