eRosa project successfully completed

jk Chnia The eROSA project (e-Infrastructure Roadmap for open science in agriculture and food -  has been successfully completed.  The Roadmap forsight paper has been  submitted to the EU and has been published at final evaluation meeting was hold on September 13.

I hade the pleasure to work the last 18 month as senior Adviser in the eROSA project.  I organizied the International Advisory Board, represented the project on various meetings and contributes substantially to the vision paper and the roadmap itself. One of the main tasks of the project was community building. This was well in the line of what I tried in the 20 years of working with FAO until January 2017.  Therefore it was very rewarding for me to see, that part of these efforts are ongoing and fruitful.

   With the closure of eROSA, I will change focus of my activities. I will abandon the technical aspects of Semantics and Agricultural Information Management. I think 20 years is enough and I should leave this area to people who really need to resolve problems.

 I will concentrate in the nexts years on an activity, in which I already excelled in the last years: bringing people and idea together, creating connnections. I will concentrate on Germany, Italy and China - my three countries -  and  viticulture, wine and food - my passions.  So, I am not retiring  :-)