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 I am in Bevagna, a small town of 4000 people in Umbria. Bevagna was bigger in the past, more than  7000 abitants still in the 30s, and still much bigger under the Rule of imperial Rome.  Part of the houses in the historic city center are build into a Roman theater,  which had a capacity of 10000 seats.    This means that the city then had at least 30,000 inhabitants.   This is not unplausible, because it was an important place a the old via Flaminia. Parts of the ancient viea Flaminia can be seen in the living rooms of some private houses. thoroughly made visible under glasse.

I dare to to say that Bevagna has more architectural beauties,  art, historic interest points as the entire state  (just to say one ) of Nevada. Nevertheless on this Wednedas in mid May it was more or less clean of tourists. Only one lost group of Germans were around.

Bevagna, together with 4 localities belongs to the production area of the Sagrantino. The Sagrantino is one of the Success Studies of Italian Wine Production.  Smart Producers were able to make a good wine, establish a lable and the two expressions of the wine of the area  ("Rosso di Montefalco"  e "Sagrantino di Montefalco"  can now realize prizes between  10 and 40 Euros on international Markets.

The quantity of producers rose from 10,  15 years ago to nearly 100 today  (numbers from local informants).

Now only the big industrially organized producers like SAI Agricola succeed  in selling well.  Sagrantino is piling up with the small producers, because they have no good marketing channels.

Everyone, who looks sometimes at BBB, will know the tune of  "Incredible India", an enormous powerful campaign of the Indian Government to market India.  There is nothing like this for Italy. The marketing of Italy is left to the Regions. But what the heck a rich Chinese merchant from Wenzhou can link to "Calabria"? But "Italy" has a link to "art", "ancient world", "beautiness" and "good food" all over Asia.

I am in favor of reforming the art.18 of the labor law to make Italian labor law more flexible. But there are more important measures to come to growths. Marketing of the value "Italy" is on of them,   because "Bevagna" is 10,000  times in this country.







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