Manager who do not know the business

In the Corriere della Sera of April 12 the entrepeneur Del Vecchio (Luxottica) is complaining about the managers of Generali Insurances, who believed also to become a financing institution insisting that financing and insuring are two different businesses, which need to be known and to be learned.

I am very much sympathetic with Del Vecchio and not only regarding "financing"  and "insuring" . It seems now fashionable that a Manager comes, stays only for 3-4 years, restructures the company with or without success and looks for the next victim.  If you stay longern than 5 years at the same place, they look suspicious on you and your capacity of mobility is under doubt.  I am the last one who is against change in life, but it is not a value by itself. Del Vecchio and 1000nds of German medium entrepeneurs prove that a continuous engagement in a field can be very positive and need not necessarily mean not to renew anymore.

I would challenge many managers how easy they will be able to renew staying only for 3 years in a specific position.  Leading a business (in the broadest) sense still needs detailed knowledge about what the business is!


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Ho molte simpatie con le opinioni di Del Vecchio. Veramente, anche per fare il manager si deve capire il mestiere! - «Basta con i manager-finanzieri E ora si cambi alle Generali»

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