Industry and Innovation in e-Infrastructures for Horizon 2020

 On  March 8 and 9 I was invited to participate in the expert consultation on "Industry and Innovation in e-Infrastructures for Horizon 2020.

All invited experts were asked to contribute to the following questions:

1. Technology transfer, spin-offs and financing

2. How should e-Infrastructures cooperate with their supplier industry to innovate?
3. How should e-Infrastructures extend services to enable innovation in industry? 
What types of service? 

I was particularly excited about www.datacite.or, which is issuing DOIs for datasets and the Helix Nebula project, a Privat/Public Partnership to create a science Cloud in Europe.


The picture from one of the presentation shows the increase of citations from publications of which also the data sets were published

 The workshop and the presentations are documented at