Online Again!

After quite some time is online again. (Grazie Antonella!!). I was telling in my offline message that the side had been hacked. Well, this was exaggerated. First I had discovered that links behing pictures had been changed, then I found strange words in my vocabularies. I opened the site as "anonymous user" and found that all public posts could not only be viewed, but also be edited. I was horror-stricken and thought about a severe hacking. I put the site offline. I did not find the reason for what happened. Antonella did. The accessibility for editing by anonymous users was all my fault. I am using the tac-lite module for access control. Some doubtful settings in that module overwrote the basic settings in the permission module of the Drupal core. So all public posts were editable. It is hardly astonishing that someone (ab)used it to change content. Now it is ok again. I will try to get it faster and to implement ssome semantic technology soon. Ah! I deleted all users, when I was looking for the breech. Who registered and wants to be registered has to do it again

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