Altes Zollhaus

After my  3rd attempt, I finally succeeded. Twice I tried to book a Dinner at the "Altes Zollhaus" in Kreuzberg. Twice I was rejected.  This Tuesday I succeeded without problems and the place was not overcrowded as I feared. Seems to be that Friday is a very bad day to book at the "Zollhaus".

Well, another noteworthy dining experience after Gruenfisch yesterday.   We had:

  • Rouladen vom Fasan mit Kastanien
  • Terrine von Lachs and Eel
  • Raviolone filled with Oxtail con choux de Brussels
  • Hecht
  • duck wiht Gruenkohl und Rotkohl, Thueringer Kartoffelkloss
  • Hirschruecken auf Kohlrabi und Maronen puree
  • Parfait di Cioccolato

After having tasted the starters  (Pheasant Breast and rolled smoked salmon and eel),  I was still not convinced. It was good, but it was a bit like  "Emirates - Businessclass" without a distinct taste - and the samon eal terrine was also too cold.

My judgement  changed with the next course. The raviolone with oxtail filling was superb!   Then, wen I got my Deer filet, I became a fan of the chef.  Cooked perfectly, wonderful contrast to the "Schwarzwurzeln" and the Maron Puree.

I am not an expert for sweets, but I appreciated the chocolat parfait.

One liter Horcher Merlot/Portugieser, a light red which accompanied the dishes very well at the reasonable price of 24 €.  I am not always a fan of fixed menus, but in this case, the solution is great.  The restaurant offers prices for 3 course, 4 course and 5 course menus (40,45,50€) and you can assemble them from the list without limitations, great!

A goodie is that I can walk from my home to the "Altes Zollhaus".