Demographic Development in Italy

ISTAT  has published the demographic Indicators for  2011. The Italian population.  The population in Italy has grown by  about 220,000, there are more than  60 million people living in Italy.  Behind these number is hidden that the "Italian"  population shrunk by 65,000.  Only because of the increase by "foreigners" of 290,000, the overall increase results.

ISTAT  publishes also timelines and forecasts.  The forecast for 2065 is that about 63 million people will live in Italy,  Onl  43 million of them will be "Italian".   19 million will be  Immigrants and children of immigrants,

This figures show that without a constant influx of immigrants we will have a dangerous demographic decline!  It also asks for policies that these immigrants become "Italians".  Who is born in Italy, has to get the right of citizenship.  Any political party, which objects this, should be voted out of parliament!  And more: not only, who is born here, everyone who is paying taxes, should have the right of citizenship, entire family included.  (Could citizenship be taken away from those "Italian" subjects), who don't pay taxes for years? :-)



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