Rotisserie Weingruen

Da auch mein zweiter Anlauf, im alten Zollhaus essen zu gehen, scheiterte (es war ausgebucht auch schone eine Woche vorher), akzeptierte ich den Vorschlag vom Zollhaus in ihrem "Schwesterrestaurant"  Rotisserie Weingruen zu buchen.

Auch Weingruen gehoert  zu den "upper end" of Berlin's restaurants an you will easily pay 50 Euros by  person.  I liked that Weingruen (and altes Zollhaus) have their own winery.   We had a 1 l of very decent "Borchers Cuvee rot"  for 24 €.   All dishes were good.  I agree with them to    adapt prices to the dish instead of uniforming prices among dishes.  (I am still angry about the 14€  I paid da "Felice" for  "fagioli con le cotiche".    My "crispy  pig belly"  I got for 12€ whereas my friends who chose the Rumpsteak had to pay 23.   Among the  sidedishes  the baked potatoes you get for 3€ whereas you will pay 8 for the excellent "Steinpilze" or 4€ for grilled vegetables.   Weingruen is famous for their roasted chicken  (13 €) and it is truely good.

The ambiente is nice,  wonderful place at the Spree, modern design, many bottles.  A place to go with friends if you want more than the cheap Berlin eateries

Rotisserie Weingrue,  Gertraudenstrasse 10-12, 10178 Berlin,  Tel 030 20621900