Sol y Sombra

Sol y Sombra is directly around the corner of my flat. I have stopped counting how often I have been there for Dinner. Sol y Sombra is not a Gourmet Restaurant (Aioli reigns!), but  the greatest Tapas bar I know outside Madrid and great, great value for money!   Select your own choice of tapas or take the Tapas plates in two or four, it is always tasty and always well done. I love the plums with speck and the liver they do. But also the bocherones and the fried calamari are more than OK. Their potatoes are a myth not only with the teenagers.  Most astonishing the wine prices. Really good Spanish Red Wine between 11 and 13 €/ bottle.  Very easy to drink a second one :-).  We went there in November 2008 wit 3 adults, 2 teens and a kit. Twice a Tapas plate for two, Tortillas, Pasta, something else and two bottles of wine....110 €, they are able to do business!

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