Der Goldene Hahn

I don't like it, if in a Restaurant they deliver me the invoice before I did ask for it. I feel like being thrown out. And so I felt when the waitress brought me the invoice when I just had taken the last sip from my wine. Presumably they were irritated seeing me dining with note block and camera. The "Goldener Hahn" (Pucklerstrasse, Kreuzberg)has a reputation in Berlin as one of the better Italian Restaurants and I went there to test if it might be possible to have better Italian food in Berlin than in Rome. :-) The place is nice, the people were busy, but friendly, you can also sit outside. First negative impression was the wine list. I think that an additional charge of 100% on a bottle of wine should be sufficient in a Restaurant, or not? There are very decent bottles to buy for a price of 5-7 Euros. So it should be possible to get a bottle of wine for 14 Euros in a Restaurant. (I don't mind if there are also bottles for 100 €, but I want to have a choice! Sol y Sombra at the Oranienplatz has very decent Spanish wine for 11€/bottle). Not in the Goldener Hahn. Bottles start at 20 €. I ordered the open wine, which was 6 €/0.25, at least 20% overprized. From the nice menu on the blackboard I ordered warm goat cheese (8€) on leeks and calf liver, Venetian style (18 €). The goat cheese was fresh and delicious. The plate was garnished with fresh pepper and a cream from balsamic vinegar (good!) 2009-06_Goldener Hahn Fegato alla Veneziana, 18 € As you see, also the liver was brought with leek as side dish. I like leek, but there is a problem if you do not cut it into small pieces. Longitudinal fibres in leek are quite resistant and I had to battle with the leek under the goat cheese, because it resisted bravely to the knife. At least the leek which came with the liver could be eaten in whole pieces :-)). The liver was (for my taste) overcooked. and there were some chunks with hard sinews. This happens with liver and I am complaining only because of the prize! For 18 € I want something special! A positive surprise was the bread: crispy outside and dense inside, I like this. The overall bill of 38 € was simply too much! Not better and not cheaper than in Rome. For the same prize in Berlin I can dine at the Kirk Royal . And I would do so.... Pictures taken are at

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