Tang's Kantine

I am normally boycotting Chinese Restaurants outside China. Most of them are simply terrible. I neither like the high end elegant versions as "Green Tea" in Rome. I never succeeded to get the richness of flavours and fragrances that I am experiencing also in the most simple restaurant in Beijing or Guangzhou. Tang's Kantine http://www.tangs-kantine.de/x-share/img/logo.gif is situated in one of the most beautiful spots of Kreuzberg in the Dieffenbachstrasse, trees are lining both sides, traffic is reduced, Berlin Idylle as people dream of. It has a good reputation among eaters in the capital and so I wanted to try. After I had done my order (1000 year old eggs: € 5,90, Xia Jao: 3 €, Shao Mei: 3 €, und Shanghai Duck: 9.80) the very nice Chinese waitress communicated to me, this would be too much, except my hunger would be very big. So I reduced to a small portion of duck (€ 5,90). The 1000 year old eggs were wonderful and the best part of the meal. A perfect blend: the strong taste of the eggs, combined with the nearly tasteless Tofu, blended with Soja, mild green chillies and fresh coriander of the kind that tastes like coriander! The 2 Dim Sum dishes were also good. I nearly preferred the Shao Mei (noodle wrapping with porc meat) over the Xia Jao (rice wrapping with shrimps and veggies). 4 pieces for 3 €, really value for money. The duck came with rice and veggies. The veggies were good German savoy cabbage, which fits excellent with Chinese food. The duck was over-roasted and so drier than it should be. But it was not shredded duck meat from dubious origin, but parts of a real roasted duck. The wine (Trollinger/Lemberger), 3,80 €/0.25 l was somewhat overprized (as always) but well suited with the Chinese dishes. The overall bill of 25 € was appropriate. Thumbs up!

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