Cheating the big red firewall!

2 days in Beijing now.  Food is as good as last time, traffic as bad. The workshop with ISTIC wasamazingly good, many enthusiastic graduate and post graduate students who participated in the discussion.  I am excited for Berlin8 next week.

I visited today the Olympic village and the new center of CCTV, then later Opera in the new Beijing Opera house. Woww, finally great ideas and great architecture.   Neverthelesse I must admit,  I like most Guangzhou, Shanghai is too chic, and Beijing is too capital, but anyway.

Facebooc is not accessible in China, at least not through Hotel Internet connections, but cheating the big red firewall is dead easy,  You see my contribution? :-)

Viva the comrades Zhao Ziyang e Hu Yaobang!

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