First Performance as Guest Chef

Last Thursday I had my first performance as guest chef in a restaurant. The picture shows me with my daughter and her friends.

The occasion was the 17th birthday of Matilde, which she celebrated together with the 17th birthday of a friend Claudio (on the right) in the Restaurant "La Formica e la Cicala" in Via Urbana in Monti. Andrea, the owner of the restaurant is our friend and so I could join the colleagues from Bangla Desh in the kitchen that night. The menu was:

- Insalata tiepida di lenticchie
- Trenette al pesto
- Tagliata di manzo con funghi porcini
- Gratin di patate
- Dolci della casa

Come sempre non mi sono occupato dei dolci, mna sono ottimi questi da Andrea.

I enjoyed the evening very much, both being in cucina and making "qualche apparenza" in sala. Also other guest were appreciating the lentils.

The kitchen da Andrea is unpretentious, but all used ingredients are of very good quality. It is worthwhile to go.

I might repeat my stage there.

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