Israel and Palestine

"Every time they attack our homes, mosques and schools, it legitimises our attacks on their homes, synagogues and schools."
(a HAMAS spokesman)
I want to draw attention on an article on "open democracy" Gaza: the "new war" by Mary Kaldor, who analyzes some aspects of the Israelian war in Gaza. In Gaza - anything to demonstrate for or against? I re-iterated why I sided with the Israeleans in all the conflicts since the foundation of the Jewish state. I do not change position on this and I am still appalled seeing self declared left wingers in Europe or the United States waving Hamas flags and a burning Shield of David.

But it has become hard to give credit to Israels governments. Until the failed Camp David negotiations between Barak, Arafat and Clinton, Israels policy was a policy of self defence, which despite of military actions was looking for a peace deal. The Camp David process failed because the Palestinians were not able to grasp the opportunity. Their insistence of return right for all refugees since 1947 to Israel proper was equivalent to ask for the destruction of the Jewish state.
It looks to me that since then the Israelian commitment to a Palestinian state is not anymore sincere. The ongoing construction of new settlements, the wall and "new wars" like that in Libanon or now in Gaza are expression of a mentality that has given up the idea of peace and cohabitation.
This is also documented by a shift in the political landscape to the right. Labor and allies are reduced to a small minority.
We now have a situation in which none of the parts that take part in the conflict is willing to make peace

It his high time to step in for the international community to make pressure on both sides to end the slaughter and to end the conflict.

Is this possible? Maybe. There are two prerequisites: assurance of security for Israel and decent living conditions for the Palestinians in a state of their own. This will be achieved only through a bold intervention by the United States and the European Union. Bold actions? Membership of Israel and a new Palestinian State in the NATO. Plan of a "arms free area" including Israel and the Paliestine state guaranteed by the NATO. Association agreements between the European Union and Israel and the other Near East countries.
The United States and the European Union can make it very clear to Israel that they will assure it's security, but that it will loose their backing if it will not evacuate all settlements on the westbank as as sign for a sincere desire of peace.

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