Stephen Law (

I found the following  ( and I agree very much with Stephen Laws position.   There is no (0/1) distinction between "knowledge" and "faith" or "Wissen" und "Glauben".  Any allegation/argument/assertion/claim has different degrees of probability. But this does not mean that they have just the same worth.  The believe that Robert Mugabe will go on rigging any election in Zimbabe is much more probable than the contrary believe.  Reasoning based on evidence is the scientific method to assign probability to a claim. Based on this I agree with Law that the assertion "there is god" has very little probability of being true, whereas the the atheistic position has quite some arguments in it's favor.  Who does not want to accept evidence based reasoning for any argument may also accept predicting the future from the coffee grounds.  And actually most of religious belief is not more than that.

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