Online Again!

After quite some time is online again. (Grazie Antonella!!). I was telling in my offline message that the side had been hacked. Well, this was exaggerated. First I had discovered that links behing pictures had been changed, then I found strange words in my vocabularies. I opened the site as "anonymous user" and found that all public posts could not only be viewed, but also be edited. I was horror-stricken and thought about a severe hacking. I put the site offline. I did not find the reason for what happened. Antonella did.


One corner stone of the Chinese foreing policy is the principle of Non-Interference into the internal affairs of another country. If another government slaughter a minority, violates human rights, oppresses women, all this should not matter for the relationships between countries. Only the United Nations, if in unison should have the right to intervene. As getting an unison decision from the UN is difficult today and will become nearly impossible tomorrow, the cementation of national inviolability will become very strong.

First Performance as Guest Chef

Last Thursday I had my first performance as guest chef in a restaurant. The picture shows me with my daughter and her friends.

The occasion was the 17th birthday of Matilde, which she celebrated together with the 17th birthday of a friend Claudio (on the right) in the Restaurant "La Formica e la Cicala" in Via Urbana in Monti. Andrea, the owner of the restaurant is our friend and so I could join the colleagues from Bangla Desh in the kitchen that night. The menu was:


In Germany High School Students and University students are on strike. Well, some of them. At the moment it really does not look like a mass movement :-).
Reasons: what I got from the radio stations, the university students are protesting against the introduction of university fees and against the "Bologna Reforms" which introduced the split of German University curricula into Bachelor and Master Courses. The High School Students are protesting against too big classes and the shortening of the secondary schooling from 9 years to 8 years.

Der Goldene Hahn

I don't like it, if in a Restaurant they deliver me the invoice before I did ask for it. I feel like being thrown out. And so I felt when the waitress brought me the invoice when I just had taken the last sip from my wine. Presumably they were irritated seeing me dining with note block and camera.

Carots and Leek

That sounds banal, but it is not if... If you get very young leek. Saturday my veggie-monger at Piazza Vittorio had this fabulous leek, only twice as thick as spring onions and with an incredible fragrance. Also the carots were tasty and not as the many pinky water concentrates you get often.

A nearly perfect Fisch"Curry"

You cannot do this often. You need some friend, who comes back from the tropics and brings you a fresh coconut. Cheers to Modesta, our Phillipine cleaning lady, who brought a fresh coconut from her own tree at home.
OK, I called it Curry, but there is not an ounce of Curry Pulver in it, instead:
- a good amount of ginger
- not too much garlic
- a bunch of spring onions
- a tomatoe
- some thai chilli
- fresh coriander
if you are adventurous enough also capers and peppers (not too much, but so it gets really fusion)

Vin d'Alsace

Das ist eine kleine Weinbar an der Koertestrasse 18. Biologische Weine, um die 2 Euro/Glas (0.1). Einige Tapas zwischen 1.50 € und 3€, Ich bestellte Ziegenkaese im Speckmantel, und was ich bekam, waren nicht tapas, sondern eine Portion, 3 Stuecke, das haette auch reichen koennen wir ein kleines Dinner. Als Wein wurde mir ausserhalb der Karte ein Weissburgunder aus Rheinhessen angeboten. Da ich gerade auf der Jagd nach Weissburgundern bin, habe ich akzeptiert. Wundervoll gegessen und gut getrunken.

Mittmann's Restaurant

An eine Stelle, wo man nicht gerade ein gutes Restaurant erwartet und wo man vielleichts nachts nicht einmal gerne allein herumlaeuft liegt Mittmann's Restaurant. Ich war da so haeufig mit dem Fahrad vorbeigefahren und irgenwie hatte mich das Menu gereizt, Kalbsnieren, mit Zwiebeln. Z.B. Ich kam an gegen 22 Uhr nach einem wundervollen aperitivo bei. Und zunaechst wollte mich ein grummeliger glatykoepfiger Kellner gleich wieder herauswerfen. Er wurde dann aber von einer netten blonden Kollegen des Besseren belehrt und ja, ich koennte noch etwas zu essen haben.