Killing the pig

Arrived in Harbin this evening and had Dinner with Burley and two of his friends. We went to a traditional popular Harbin Restaurant.
The title of the selection was "Killing the pig" and the single dishes were

- blood sausages
- boiled pig head meat
- A soup with cabbage and bacon
- small intestine with green peppers
- mushrooms and eggs
- Fried sticks of Cornbread

Could have been something from my childhood!Nortwest German Countryside, nothing was thrown away! I am not a fan of blood sausages, but this one was good. Delicious the intestine cooked with green peppers. I would wish to be able to make "polenta" as this cornbread was. The cabbage soup was just the best thing with all of this and the level of the pot with soup stayed always the same. If we had taken some cups, the woman from the kitchen came to fill it up again.

4 bottles of beer and some local Bai Jiu, Obviously my hosts paid! I will try to pay once during this China trip, but I have my doubts if I will succeed.

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