Assault against "Habeas Corpus" by the Berlusconi Government

The Berlusconi government has launched an assault against fundamental rights of individual freedom. They are going to decide a law in the senate and then in the "camera dei deputati" with the working title "testo unificato sul testamento biologico". A "testamento biologico" is a last will, anyone can write down defining what he or she wants in case of incidents or terminal illness when not beeing more able to decide.

Isabelle Stengers: Spekulativer Konstruktivismus

Merve Verlag: ISBN 978-3-88396-246-7

Aus dem Vorwort von Bruno Latour:

"Sicher koennten unsere Gesellschaft und Sprache, unser Verstand und Gehirn die Ursache fuer ein Missverstaendis sein, aber der Hauptpartner, der nach den Quellen von Ungewissheiten befragt werden muss, ist die Komplexitaet der Welt, die nicht draussen wartet und sich selbst nicht gleich bleibt."

Is this culturally relevant?

Following an article in the "Spiegel"  59% of all Spanish people believe in God in a traditional sense, 18% are not believers at all, whereas 74% of all Italians do believe in God in a tradional sense, whereas only 6 % are  not believers.  The numbers come from a survey conducted by the EC, 4 years ago.

What I liked: Barack Obama, in his inauguration speech mentioned non believers on the same level as Christians, Muslims, Jews and others.

The comprehensible cosmos

Citing Kip Thorne:

Throughout this book, I shall adopt, without apology, the view that there does exist an ultimate set of physical laws (which we do not as yet know but which might be quantum gravity), and that those laws truly do govern the Universe around us, everywhere. They force the Universe to behave the way it does.

Then commenting on that Stenger says: