Impressions from Guangzhou

Hot, hot, hot

I never felt so hot. It is nearly 40 C with high umidity and it does not cool down in the night and the air condition in my (government owned) hotel has only two modes: Backoven=off and fridge=on, but tomorrow I will change hotel, thanks to lily.



Unloading Information Overload - or Not

Information Age -

the attached link will lead you to an article with a position what at the moment is fashionable: new information technologies distract us more than in the past from concentrated working and production of ideas and content. The main argument is that we are constantly looking to emails, messaging systems and similar. I would like to challenge this position with two arguments.

Viva Alvaro Uribe! Ingrid Betancourt for President!

Ingrid Betancourt has been freed by the Columbian military ( The liberation action took place without blood shed, purely by intelligence. The idiotic and idioscyncratic left wing drug dealers of the FARC were defeated by the application of human intelligence. Ingrid Betancourt is free! Could Uribe extend this intelligence to stop making war on drugs and starts making war on poverty_

Osnabruecker Heimatabend

Am 20. April nahm ich an einer denkwuerdigen Veranstaltung teil mit dem Titel "Osnabruecker Heimatabend", veranstaltet von Kalla Wefel, einem unserer Mitstreiter in der linken Schuelerbewegung Ende der 60er Jahre in Osnabrueck. Der Titel war "68 in Osnabrueck" oder so aehnlich - und das faszinierte mich natuerlich.

Also this is India

On my trip from Bangalore to Mysore we went to see an ancient temple and passed through rural areas of Kanataka:

The country has more than 7% GDP growth. The state of Karnataka will be far above 10 % as as is the state Andra Pradesh, but most parts of rural areas are like this picture.
And this is the challenge

The Mumbai Dharavi slum

The description of the Dharavi slum in the Economist reminded me the Book Shantaram from which I learned the first time that these big slums are not these places of pure despair but human communities of a tremendous complexicity.
And I like Marxists of the type of Mr. Korde!!!!!

read the excerpt from

Year End Considerations to the motto's of this Web Log

"I have approximate answers and possible beliefs and different degrees of certainty about different things, but I'm not absolutely sure of anything..."
Richard Feynman (Theoretical Physicist)

"To be clear-headed rather than confused; lucid rather than obscure; rational rather than otherwise; and to be neither more, nor less, sure of things than is justifiable by argument or evidence. That is worth trying for."

Sir Geoffrey Warnock

Craig Venter

BBC - Press Office - Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007: Dr J Craig Venter

Craig Venter might be a "maverick scientist" and I do not agree with the attempts to patent biological organisms.   Nevertheless I agree very much with the positions he takes in the Dimbleby Lecture, blaming the western societies for having lost their enthusiasm for science and for not understanding that science will be the key lever to tackle the problems of the world