Impressions from Guangzhou

Hot, hot, hot

I never felt so hot. It is nearly 40 C with high umidity and it does not cool down in the night and the air condition in my (government owned) hotel has only two modes: Backoven=off and fridge=on, but tomorrow I will change hotel, thanks to lily.




better in China than elsewhere, but so much more expensive than delicious traditional restaurants. There are now a lot of Macdonalds and similar. They are full and expensive! It would be so much cheaper and better to go to one of the traditional restaurants.

Western alliance for Taiwan

This should not happen :-) In front of the Guangdong provincial government building I was stopped by a young Chinese who talked to me about the existence of two Chinese and against the communist government, which wants to destroy Taiwan. I friendly insisted that I love China as China - for the security of both of us. Viva an independent Taiwan! or an unified China! Let the people decide...

Sex Shop:

CIMG3019 plastic penisses in the center of Guangzhou! Not that I like them particularly, but for China this is another piece of cultural revolution