Beijing in the sun and dinner

Monday evening, just for sunset I arrived in Beijing, nice weather, warm and sunny, but fresh. Air in Beijing gets better. The airport is now enormous. I had not seen it for years.

All is new and shiny, the terminals are linked by an internal train. But, there is now also an external Expresstrain, which links the airport to the city center. But obviously :-) we took the taxi.

The Hotel, "Jin Ma spring" is a 4 star Chinese managed business Hotel, not elegant at all, but I like it, there is everything needed and Internet free!!!

And the Restaurant! Wang Zhong and me met for dinner Prof. Qian and the three of us had again one of this memorable Chinese eatings. I had decided for this trip to write down always the list of dishes, but already I last my scribbles from yesterday night, but:
- pig feets with aged Tofu (this is the picture)
- dug tripe with fresh coriander
- dug boiled with herbs
- mushrooms and asparagus
- broccoli (yes, just boiled broccoli!!)
- fried and marinated quail legs
- stuffed pork tripe
Well, one day I will learn how to cook all this

I am only missing a real bottle of wine, Bai Jiu is interesting, but........

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