Transferring the processing of the Central AGRIS database from Vienna to Rome

The central AGRIS database had been produced in Vienna during the 90s by a group for more than 15 persons, who processed the incoming data before adding them to the database.
After the decision of taking away emphasis from data processing to capacity building, the AGRIS production was transferred to Rome. Part of the money saved by this operation was used to create positions in the field to support the capacity building fucntions. The challenge was, to go on with the production of the AGRIS database in Rome with incomparable less resources.

Development of Information Systems

„Sostanze Cancerogene"

an MS Access based relational database, containing data about toxicity, classification and evaluation of all substances classified as carcinogens by the European Community; Copyright AST, Dr. Johannes Keizer,


an MS Access based relational database for elaborating experimental data on the metabolism of various xenobiotics by rat liver microsomes, Copyright AST, Dr. Johannes Keizer,

Study of Biochemistry

From autumn 1983 to January 1989 I studied Biochemistry at 3 Universities in Hannover (Technische Hochschule, Tieraerztliche Hochschule, Medizinische Hochschule). After 2 years I passed my "Vordiplom" (kind of BSc) in Physics, Anorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Zoology and Botany. (Certificate).

In January 89 I passed the Diplom (equivalent to MSc) in the subjects Biochemistry, Biophysics and Zoology. (Certificate)

Research Fellow at the "Istituto Superiore di Sanità", Rome.

  • Research on ecotoxicological and toxicological impact of pesticide use in Agriculture (research papers)
  • Development and execution of research projects on the behaviour of pesticides in aquatic envirionments
  • Reviewing articles for publication in scientific Journals
  • Supervision of postgraduate and graduate students
  • Training courses in residue analysis and metabolic studies
  • Organisation of congresses and workhops
  • Development of Information systems

Manager of the "marketing group" of the "Wendland Cooperative"

I acted as Manager of the marketing group of the "Wendland Cooperative", a cooperative of farmers with the aim of directly marketing agricultural products to consumers. (A variety of agricultural products, produced with methods which excluded use of toxic or persistent pesticides and some types of mineral fertilizers). It confirmed my opinion that the difference in food is not between "conventional" and "biological", but between "high quality" and low quality".

Apprenticeship as a Laboratory Technician

From 1976 to 1979 I worked as an apprentice at the Company Walter Rau in Hilter. Also in this case the company tried to fire me after 3 months, but I successfully won the trial and I had to be reinstalled. I finished successfully and got the title of a "Chemielaborant".

Walter Rau produced fats and other foods. I was working in food analysis and I learned a lot about food ingredients and contaminants. (I learned specifically how little our food is contaminated....)


In 1965 In was enroled at the "Gymnasium Carolinum" at Osnabrueck, 1 of the 2 oldest High Schools in Germany, presumably founded by emperor CharleMagne himself. I started in the classical branch with Latin and Greek and changed later to the linguistic branch to learn also some English.

Despite of having spent much more time in "fighting capitalism" instead of learning something useful at school, I obtained successfully my "Abitur" in May 1973.