NAIROBI workshop on scientific publishing in Africa:Dissemination of Research Outputs in Africa

Mechanisms for Documenting and Disseminating Outputs
of Agricultural Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
CAB International Africa Regional Centre
12-14 May 2004 - Nairobi, Kenya

An Expert Consultation was co-organized with CAB International with the overall aim of developing a strategic vision for documentation and dissemination of agricultural knowledge and research in Africa.

The specific objectives were firstly to identify key trends and issues that will affect the operation of information and communication systems in agricultural science and technology in the coming decade, secondly to envision the documentation and communication mechanisms that will need to be in place by 2010 to maximize the impact of agricultural science and technology, and lastly to make recommendations on approaches that will achieve that vision, including roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

The Final Report is available in English and French