Kenya 2006-05

In May 2006 I participated in the founding conference of the IAALD Africa chapter in Nairobi. Together with Hugo Besemer I organized during the conference a meeting of the Agris Content Management Taskforce. I also visited KARI (Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute)

China, Guangzhou Province, May 2006

On invitation of the Guandong Acadamy of Agricultural Science, I visited in May 2006 the Academy in Guangzhou and various institutions in Guangdong Province. I took the oppportunity also for a backstopping mission to Beijing regarding the AGROVOC mapping project.

The presentations held in Beijing and Guangzhou are attached.

Visit to Department of Agriculture, City of GaoYao

Gaoyao Forestry lesser developed part of Guang Dong Province. Meeting with Information Center that has its own TV channel. DoA land is 550.000 acres . forest covering rate is 57%. Products are good quality rice, vegetables and aquaculture, 130 acres aquacultures. They producing also herbs. there are 500.000 farmers out of a population of 730.000. Producing rice and vegetables for the whole province. Cable tv in 99% of the villages. Some villages only of administrative level. Telephone covering rate 45%. 150.000 telephones. All towns are connected by optical fiber to the city.

Mapping of AGROVOC to the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus

My group got a grant from a specific program of FAO a for a joint project between FAO and the Chinese Accademy of Agricultural Science. Within this project AGROVOC will be mapped to the Chinese Agricultural Thesaurus. The lead of the project is with FAO in Rome. In Beijig a team of expert is established to do the mapping. Goal is to get deeper access to Chinese agricultural resources and to give better possibilities for Chinese speakers to access FAOs information.

This is a major achievement in the construction of the Agricultural Ontology Service

Professional events 2005

Release of the Webportal for Agricultural Information Management Standards

Presentation at the Annual Conference of ASIST

Expert Consultation on Agricultural Research and Technology Information Systems English (US)

J. Keizer's group was the organizer of track 2 of the expert consultation. He himself gave a
presentation on "The role of bibliographic databases today and Open Archive Services in Agricultural
Science and Technology"

NKOS workshop at the European Conference on Digital Libraries English (US)
The specification of a mapping schema linking the Chinese agricultural thesaurus to AGROVOC

Dublin Core 2005 English (US)

Member of the Programme Committee and Keynote Speaker

6th AOS workshop at EFITA 2005

eNRIC Project Manager

Second Workshop on Coherence in Agricultural Information Systems

Open Forum on Metadataregistries

Margherita Sini from Keizer' s group presents The Agricultural Ontology Service - a FAO initiative for
more coherence in agricultural information Systems. Presentation

Publication of the first Core Ontology for Fishery Knowledge

NAIROBI workshop on scientific publishing in Africa:Dissemination of Research Outputs in Africa

Mechanisms for Documenting and Disseminating Outputs
of Agricultural Research in Sub-Saharan Africa
CAB International Africa Regional Centre
12-14 May 2004 - Nairobi, Kenya

An Expert Consultation was co-organized with CAB International with the overall aim of developing a strategic vision for documentation and dissemination of agricultural knowledge and research in Africa.