DSpace User Group Meeting In Rome

From October 16-17 my group co-organized and hostend the DSpace Usergroup meeting 2007. ( My colleague Imma Subirats was one of the pillars of the entire organization. I got quite excited about DSpace and the possibilities to adapt it to Agricultural Open Archives.
I was also intrigued by the connections between DSpace and the MIT Simile project that brings a "semantic dimension" into the DSpace development.

Opening Access - CGIAR meeting

During the e-agriculture week at FAO Headquarter, I participated in a CGIAR workshop on "opening Access to Agricultural research. I think there is big confusion among various stakeholders about the linkings between research, technology deployment and Extension. It seems to me that there is a tendency to apply criteria, which have value for extension and technology deployment (relating to the end users i.e) also on research. I still think that research should be as much as possible independent from application szenario, but should resolve scientific problems.

AGRIS Expert Consultation

September 23 and 24I took part in the organization of the second expert consultation on Information Systems in Agricultural Science and Technology was hold in Rome at FAO HQ.
A very interesting part of the conference were country reports from (among others) Egypt, Peru, Madagascar and Thailand.


8-AOS workshop

On the 21st and 22nd of September the 8th Agricultural Ontology Service workshop took place in Rome at FAO HQ. This workshop was particularly aimed to shape the AOS community and to outline the future of the Initiative. More than 40 people from more than 10 countries participated.

DC2007 in Singapore

I am at the moment in Singapore at the DC2007 meeting. I delivered a keynote in the first session after the introduction by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Singapore's Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports and Second Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.


Agrovoc eConference

In these weeks an electronic discussion conference about AGROVOC takes place. More than 150 practitioners from all over the world subscribed to the conference and more than 50 are activiely participating. Topics are the coverage of AGROVOC, governance, language versions, institutional collaboration and others. The last phase, which just started will discuss the AGROVOC concept server.

International Conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries

From February 20 -23 I participated in the ICSD in Bangalore, organized by ARD Prasad from the Documentation, Research and Training Center of the Indian Statistical Institute in Bangalore. My group presented the Ontology based electronic FNA journal and the proposal for an AGRIS OAI architecture. I was furthermore Theme Speaker in the session on "Institutional Repositories and Case Studies" and participated in the concluding Panel discusion on "Semantic Web and Digital Libraries:Research & collaborations".

Keynote Speech at the eFarmer central Europe conference

I was invited to deliver a keynote at the Central Europe Conference of the eFarmer project (eFarmer Central European Conference 2007). The title of my presentation is "Knowledge Exchange Infrastructure for Agricultural Research and Technology" (see attached file). The eFarmer project has been granted by the EC in the context of the eContent Program.

Speech of Mr. Horst Forster

It is taking a new approach. Focussed on building the European Digital Library. Preservation at the moment relatively small part, but it needs to grow because very many research questions to cope with in the area of digital content.

Technology enhancend learning. Different approach than elearning upto now. Elaerning was about remote access to learning. That is not a research topic anymore. NO WE should look how technology will support those who are teaching.

FP7 in Motion: Cognitive Systems, Interaction, Robotics, Digital Libraries and Content.

Luxembourg, 2007-01-23

I am participating in the Information days of the Directorate e of the IST area of the European Commission. The Director Harald Forster, and the 2 Unit heads, Pat Manson (Digital Libraries and Technology enhanced Learning) and Roberto Cencioni (Intelligent Content and Semantics) have organized this meeting to inform about the possibilities and constraints to present projects to be funded within FP7. There are more than 300 participants from throughout Europe.
We have been invited to present a project within the "proposals clinic".