Development of Information Systems

„Sostanze Cancerogene"

an MS Access based relational database, containing data about toxicity, classification and evaluation of all substances classified as carcinogens by the European Community; Copyright AST, Dr. Johannes Keizer,


an MS Access based relational database for elaborating experimental data on the metabolism of various xenobiotics by rat liver microsomes, Copyright AST, Dr. Johannes Keizer,


an MS Access based relational database with comparative information about the 100 most important pesticides used in Italy, Copyright by ISS, 1995, programmed AST, Dr. Johannes Keizer

Census - Una banca dati degli archivi scientifici in Italia.

Sviluppato per l'Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL

Canizzaro - An archive of letters and documents of Stanislao Cannizzaro

Developed for the Italian Accademy of science, known as the XL

The PIC Database

The PIC Database" - A database for managing and publishing import decisions regarding chemicals included in the PIC procedure. SQL database with interfaces is Access and HTML Produced for FAO (Food and Agricultur Organization of the United Nations)

Registro Nazionale Gaucher

an MS Access based relational database for the administration of clinical data of a hereditary disease; Copyright AST, Dr.Johannes Keizer

ENELMail - Event and Contact Management-System of the ENTE NAZIONALE ELETTRICITA

A database system with webinterface has been developed to manage the distributed information of the ENEL for organizing events and mailing lists.

Database system to manage Students data

Developed for the Administration of the German School in Rome