Ivan Herman on Semtech

SemTech2009 impressions « Ivan’s private site

But, as a last minute addition to the program, the organizers succeeded in getting Othar Hansson and Kavi Goel to talk about Google’s rich sniplets. I have already blogged on this a few weeks ago but this presentation made the goal of the project way more understandable. Essentially, by recognizing specific microformat or RDFa vocabularies,

Face To Face meeting of the CIARD Content Management Taskforce

From March 24-28 we met in Addis Abbaba for the first face2face meeting of the CIARD Content Management Taskforce. Background material on CIARD is at  I see the CIARD initiative as the most important community of practice to achieve a collaborative space in Agricultural Science and Technology Information.

New Article in Semantic Universe

Semantic Universe asked the FAO Country Profiles team to write an article about geopolitical ontology and FAO Country Profiles. Now, the article is published into their webiste. In addition, in 2009 Semantic Technology Conference , one of top conferences in the semantic technology, we will introduce our work about geopolitical ontology and FAO Country Profiles to the public.

Global Research Library 2020

I am part of a working group with the title "Global Research Library 2020". Goal of this group is to discuss and to shape the Research Library of the future ( Next meeting of this working group is in February in Taiwan. I attach the position paper, which I submitted for this workshop.
This position paper was also presented at the Rome ShareFair . I posted about this sharefair at

Evaluation of the ILRI Information Center, trip to Ethiopia and Kenya

At the beginning of December I conducted together with my colleague Peter Ballantyne, the IAALD president an evaluation of the ILRI InfoCenter . ILRI wanted an external and indipendent evaluation of the developments that had taken place in the restructuring of the ILRI library in the last years.

Presentation at the Polytechnical University of Guangzhou

On invitation of Dr. Wang Zhong from the polytechnical University of Guangzhou I gave today a presentation with the title "The global knowledge society in the age of the Internet". More than 30 graduate and postgraduate students participates. A PDF Version of the presentation is attached. The .odp version is at

Trip to India with Important Results

I am finishing today my trip to India, which brought me to Kanpur (Indian Institute of Technology), Hyderabad (Verus, Kesevan Indstitute of Information and Knowledge Management, ICRISAT) and Bangalore (Indian Institute of Statistics, SMD Institute for Management Development). I gave keynotes at the AGROPEDIA workshop at IIT and at the New Gen Lib workshop at SMD-IMD, I gave two lectures to students and faculty at IITK.